Capabilities Statement

Analytical Insights, LLC

Based in beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Analytical Insights, LLC opened its doors in the fall of 2013. Analytical Insights provides research and analytical services, specializing in storytelling through data reporting – your data whisperer, so to speak.

Analytical Insights is a certified women-owned business, with Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) certifications.


Why do you need an analytical service?

Data exists all around us in many forms including patient or employee satisfaction, hospital readmission rates, opinion polls, etc. Often, this data is tied in with patient safety or hospital quality improvement targets, reimbursements, or some other incentive. Broad summaries can miss the mark, and suboptimal data visuals can create a confusing message.

Analytical Insights provides expert analysis and professional, actionable deliverables that can help make the case for return on investment, areas for improvement, and other important metrics. There are four main industries that Analytical Insights specializes in:

  • Health care (hospitals, physician groups, long-term care facilities, etc.)
  • Academia / Education (elementary, secondary, post-secondary)
  • Private sector (advertising agencies, insurance firms, law firms, small businesses, etc.)
  • Nonprofit organizations

What makes Analytical Insights special?

Analytical Insights was founded on the basis that business leaders are continuously looking for useful ways to manage an overwhelming amount of data, and to stop drowning in tables and graphs. Analytical Insights takes an artisan approach to data reporting, whether the source is large and complicated, or small and simple. Consider Analytical Insights your boutique for effectively analyzing and summarizing your data. Let Analytical Insights help you make sense out of chaotic data, leaving you with digestible results that can inform decision making.

Don’t have data? Don’t worry! Analytical Insights can work with you to collect survey-based data, create personalized polling options, or moderate focus groups.

Analytical Insights will ensure that your deliverable includes more than just a data dump. You’ll get a report that emphasizes the data nuances that could indicate a need for an intervention, with potential action steps. Hence the Analytical Insights tagline – analyze, summarize, and take action!


Analytical Insights President, Colleen Vrbin

Colleen Vrbin has an extensive research background with a strong emphasis in healthcare research over the past seventeen years. She has co-authored fourteen peer-reviewed journal manuscripts that demonstrate skilled analysis and scientific write-up. Colleen has also contributed other styles of write-ups, including targeted reports about health conditions as well as a book compiled of success stories of various healthcare facilities’ patient safety efforts.

Ms. Vrbin has experience working with claims-based hospitalization data, patient medical chart information, diagnostic information from pathology reports, survey-based data, as well as mining secondary data sources (such as publicly available data of disease-specific outcomes and hospital ratings). Ms. Vrbin has provided analytical contributions on several intervention-based studies including one that led to the establishment of standardized diagnostic criteria for thyroid specimen, and another that improved the sampling technique of Pap testing, to name a few.


What types of services are available?

Analytical Insights offers research and analytical services, writing, and survey development, among other specialties outlined below:


  • Analyze quantitative or qualitative data to identify patterns, perform significance testing and predictive modeling, and calculate odds ratios and sensitivity/specificity
  • Generate research questions / hypotheses for studies, and test those hypotheses through analysis
  • Provide market research insights that can influence behavior change based on monitoring brand health and ad campaign effectiveness
  • Create focus group guides, moderate focus groups, and code and analyze qualitative data


  • Conduct subject / patient interviews to write up special-interest stories
  • Write actionable reports, manuscripts, grant applications, and other types of program updates or reports

Other Services

  • Create interactive, engaging e-learning modules that can incorporate educational content
  • Prepare engaging Prezi or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations that can educate, inform, and motivate the target audience
  • Design and administer surveys, and analyze results
  • Teach a data boot camp in-person or by webinar, where data analysis will be simplified to be less intimidating to manage for those who need to prepare data summaries