Analytical Insights, LLC offers a wide range of services including:


  • Analyze quantitative or qualitative data (including .txt, .csv, Microsoft Access and Excel, database output) to identify patterns, perform significance testing and predictive modeling, and calculate odds ratios and sensitivity/specificity
  • Provide market research insights that can influence behavior change based on monitoring brand health and ad campaign effectiveness
  • Create focus group guides, moderate focus groups, and code and analyze qualitative data
  • Generate research questions/ hypotheses for studies, test those hypotheses through analysis


  • Conduct subject/patient interviews to write up special-interest stories
  • Write actionable reports, manuscripts, grant applications, or other kinds of program updates or reports


  • Create interactive, engaging e-learning modules that can incorporate educational content
  • Prepare engaging Prezi or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations that can educate, inform, and motivate the target audience
  • Design and administer surveys, and analyze results
  • Teach a data boot camp in-person or by webinar, where data analysis can be simplified and become less intimidating to manage for those who need to prepare data summaries

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